About Us

Feather Wellness was started by a group of college graduates who are passionate about helping other young adults explore their sexuality and find pleasure in a safe and consensual manner. As we were completing our studies in University, we noticed a lack of resources for college-aged individuals to purchase quality sexual wellness products, specifically tailored to them, and we wanted to change that.

That's why we started our own brand, specializing in vibrators and erotic toys for college graduates and students like ourselves. We believe that everyone has the right to a fulfilling and enjoyable sex life, and our products are designed to help people discover new ways to pleasure themselves and their partners.

We've done extensive research to ensure that all of our products are body-safe and made with the highest quality materials. We also prioritize education and inclusivity, and are dedicated to creating a welcoming and shame-free environment for all of our customers.

We are excited to share our passion for sexual wellness with others and help break the stigma around exploring one's own sexuality. Thank you for supporting our business and for joining us on this journey.